Sunday, January 23, 2011

VB2K10 Follow-up:

Well, I think I did it.

It's not everything I want it to be, but I figure if I release it here I can at least get some critiques or requests for additional features. I'd also like to note that this is the firstfirstfirst release, and I think that slicker graphics would be pretty neat. Also, a resizable window, because my desktop has a significantly higher resolution than my laptop does.

NOTE: This requires the .NET 4.0 framework to function.

Once I figure out how to integrate proxies (and I'll be damned if I have to put a .dll together), Tor support and proxylists shouldn't be far behind.

This image should be pretty self-explanatory; the password you're looking for is


sans asterisks. Will that simple obfuscation fool a search engine?

Who knows.

New link without gross image: Save as a .jpg or .rar, you pick.

Actually, don't use that link, just download this picture:

As always, let me know if you've got any suggestions.

Kinda related: I've named it mirror, but I bet there's a smarter-sounding name out there.
I would appreciate those sorts of suggestions as well.

EDIT: Still boring alpha release, sorry guys.


  1. Trying this out now, will post back with results in a minute!

  2. Cool concept!
    A way to save settings and lists of blogs would be nice. And maybe, for the sake of caution, maybe change the About file a bit. Make it less obvious. Just having a blog reader for the sake of having a blog reader is a good thing!

  3. hmm, i'll check it out in a little bit. looking forward to it.

  4. Sorry if this is a really obvious question, but it doesn't work for me. When I try to start the program it says:
    To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET Framework:
    Contact your application publisher for instructions about obtaining the appropriate version of the .NET Framework.

    Sorry, I don't know very much about computers, any ideas?

    Anyway its an awesome concept. Followed.

    Check my blog out at

  5. Yes, that's correct. I edited the post to reflect the need for .NET 4.0+.


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