Monday, January 16, 2012

Be Privacy Conscious: ] and [ ] are two things you should consider.

They allow you to remain anonymous while you browse the internet, albeit at a slight cost to your connection speed (you are bouncing off of other computers, after all).

I encourage other users to be aware of exactly how the internet works - my [ privacy policy ] notifies you that the folks I've partnered with as advertisers may track your activity. Facebook does, [ too ].

I've probably mentioned this sort of thing before - but knowledge is more than half of the fight.

Also relevant: SOPA and PIPA and the imminent threat they pose.

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  1. Hopefully nothing of those pass. Mainly held by the support of the MPAA and the RIAA (both still multi BILLION dollar groups, with the claims of losing money. Yeah ok. they can't stop piracy. It happened before the internet it will happen after the internet. I once purchased Ace Venture on VHS bootleg. . . at the time did not know it was bootleg, just an early release, until people were getting up to use the restroom. You saw heads bobbing from one end to the other. Same for music. Pirated before internet, will be after internet. it will only hurt the honest people.


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