Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Newsworthy: February 1st, 2011


If there's another attack on such a scale as that of 9/11, it will cement my decision to join the military. I don't care what the hell their reasoning is- nuclear war is pig-disgusting. I don't mind having to shed my ideals and transform myself if it means everyone else can live in peace.

Speaking of which: war sucks. It's never a good option. People die- and even worse, that means there are people who kill. Most folks have trouble with the responsibilities of just their life. When you're responsible for someone's death, a righteous individual will assume responsibility for all of their responsibilities. This adds up over time and produces the jaded, disturbed folks who develop the ability to compartmentalize and block and otherwise shut out the thoughts and responsibilities that come with taking lives.

No bueno. Heavy stuff, too.

In other news:


I'm glad to have the FBI on my side, to be honest. I'm also glad that they're doing so much work behind-the-scenes, too. I hope they catch everyone they're looking for and see success in their machinations.


Man, I thought that Texas had it bad. This cold front is chilly.Whatever happened to global warming? Oh, right. It's anthropogenic climate change, now. Whatever, I'm just stupid, right?

I could use some warming of any sort right now, actually. I broke out the heavy blanket for this evening.

Nothing much to see here, just posting some news and my opinions.

For reference, I typically get most of my news from Drudge Report. No, I'm not a conservative. No, I'm not a liberal. I'm a little bit of both, but I prefer to go by "independent" rather than an incredibly wide-sweeping generalization of a name.


  1. "No, I'm not a conservative. No, I'm not a liberal. I'm a little bit of both, but I prefer to go by "independent" rather than an incredibly wide-sweeping generalization of a name."

    +1. Those two loose groups are so incredibly close on the political spectrum, both right at the middle. I honestly have no idea why some people ONLY identify with one or the other.

  2. I agree with evan. Why generalize your self with a certain group if you don't share all their beliefs/political views?

  3. You're very honorable, lemme know if you join up, I'll be right behind you.

  4. Being confied to being a pure "liberal" or "conservative" is just silly. There are somethings that Im liberal with, and there are somethings that Im conservative with

  5. The middle ground is usually the best ground IMO

  6. cold front this morning :(

  7. good post, i agree with you and the other commenters about the liberal/conservative thing. I'm independent as well.

  8. I have also been debating on joining the military. I'm with you here, if there is another attack, I would absolutely join.

  9. I had often thought of going into the military. It's kind of this innate drive. Unfortunately I cannot because I have metal rods in my back. I'm very capable in the real world. I'm actually fairly flexible. But I can't do the physical shit that the military requires.

  10. ive had some thoughts about joining the military but for some reason i never did. i'd probably join if there were another attack


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