Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuff I like: RoboEarth, Bugatti, and

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlord: ] is apparently going to be something like a robot-wikipedia.

The machines across the world will be able to share information across a centralized database and should therefore reach the epoch more quickly- the point at which robots become better at making robots than humans.

I'm no Zuckerberg, but I would definitely love one of these, given that I had the cash to drop on it: ]

With a 16.4-liter engine and a specific mode for DRIVING-REALLY-FAST, this car eclipsed even the McLaren F1 in speed (and price).

Totally unrelated to either of those, I find this blog to be particularly entertaining: ] is the first page.

The entire blog is one giant prevarication, but is nonetheless a rather hilarious one.

What sorts of things do you like?


  1. Yeah, I wouldn't mind a bugatti either lol

  2. the veyron has been beat. google it lol

  3. "There are only two kinds of people who have written successful, busy personal blogs: those who accent their posts with photos of their gigantic breasts [...]" (from this blog did never happen).

    I've never actually seen that XD (like in their own breasts)

  4. LOL escape. I can't say I have either. But that is a damn sweet car


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