Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogs I like: Simply Scotches @ Blogspot

By popular demand, here's a shoutout to a broseph out there who knows more about good scotch than I ever will...

"The true men's drink" is Scotch, apparently. I'm more of a water guy myself, but I've yet to encounter a more informative resource than Chris's blog. Folks thereabouts don't just "comment" on his posts- they keep it classy.

If you're attentive enough, you can even notice some subtle wordplay and accents hidden within his posts.

Definitely of interest if you enjoy libation.

Something I didn't know: scotch is delicious.


  1. Wow!!! Thanks for the shoutout bro!!

  2. Yeah, I follow Chris' blog too, the man is a genius and a scholar!


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