Sunday, March 13, 2011


Sending y'all this from a ridiculously chilly mountaintop.

ohmygoodness this snow is awesome.

The slopes are pretty gross at the moment, because we've had a few beautiful days in a row- but as a result, the sun has turned what was once deliciously soft powder into varying pools of slushy ski-sucking snow-like material and crusty ice-surfaced trip mines.

The groomed routes could probably use a comb-over or two, but they're manageable. The problem comes when you're skiing across a large powder field that is partially shaded by trees- the aforementioned effect turns what would normally be a sprint in the park into a grueling fight with the elements to stay upright.

Being the stalwart lad that I am, I daringly took on Snowchaser at Powder Mountain, (an amazing resort) and ended up taking these beautiful rental Wailer 105 Hybrids (a hookup from a good friend at the Timberline Ski shop) for a spin. I myself took a few spins, but emerged relatively unscathed.

Not too shabby, I'd say. The skis are quite wide, but seem to handle all sorts of terrain with ease.

What're y'all up to?

Postscript: Pictures to come as soon as I find my SD-to-USB adapter.


  1. Wow, I wish I can ski. Will take up skiing lessons next winter I swear.

  2. Ahhh.

    Slushie snow sucks.

  3. Anonymous13/3/11 14:24

    Nice. Did you go on any black diamonds?

  4. Well I'm definitely not up to anything THAT exciting! But damn man, good to hear you are getting in some solid play time, enjoy!


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