Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Of Interest: MMOs

Check out [ ].

It's an MMO by the creator of Ragnarok Online that is apparently pretty well-done (according to online reviews, anyway). From the outside-looking-in, it appears to be very similar to Ragnarok in that characters have 6 stats (STRength, INTelligence, DEXterity, AGIlity, CHArisma, and CONstitution).

In my opinion, it looks like the design team was cutting corners with class differentiation (might I mention RO?) because the rogue/thief character is also a healer, the ubiquitous tank is still an ubiquitous tank, there's an archer/gunslinger hybrid, as well as the wizard/sage distinction that still makes little sense to me.

I'm looking to try it at some point in the future (when I'm not confined to 56K and limited net bandwidth).

What MMOs would y'all recommend?

I've played RuneScape, but I've become less of a fan of the franchise. Something about the cost of membership and all that- I liked the agility and thief skills (as well as the ability to wield a halberd), but I was dissuaded from maintaining the habit (especially given what I'd seen of the World of Warcraft bills that my friends had accrued).

Actually, looking at RuneScape's page, I realize that I am completely out-of-depth for the game at the moment. Suddenly herbs are useful and clans are serious business and it's still (mostly) free!


This was largely brought on by a resurgent interest in .hack//*, if anyone's concerned. MMOs were something of a childhood hobby, when the big events were the neighbor's birthday party and homework only took five minutes.

More to come at a later date.


  1. Speaking of witch, I've been a WoW addict for a while. Not going back there :)

  2. Anonymous23/3/11 07:25

    I currently play Rift, really a great game :) http://www.riftgame.comn

  3. George Lucas really messed me up as a child, so I'm saving all my MMO love for The New Republic coming out this year.

  4. Ye i didnt take much of a fancy to ragnarok, more of an rts player myself but great blog, followed!

  5. Collin Ryan25/3/11 19:14

    I've been through quite a few MMOs in my time. Played the ol' standby of WOW for quite some time. It's good, but grinding is just a HASSLE. Rift is QUITE good, but there have yet to be any private servers hosted for it, and I haven't seen an MMO yet that's good enough to be worth paying monthly for. Played RO, hated it. There's a really great free MMO called Vindictus. To my knowledge the only MMO that uses a physics engine, which is pretty fantastic.

    I wish I had the ability to make an MMO. I have PHENOMENAL ideas.


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