Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Of Interest: Radical Honesty

Check out [ ].

Radical honesty sounds like a great idea on paper, in some respects. Being brutally honest with everyone sounds like a great idea at first, but probably leads to more social awkwardness before everyone else adjusts, I'd think.

Loads of hurt feelings would probably arise, but it would also create a more "trusting" environment- in the sense that you'd be able to tell people exactly what you thought, and could expect a retort of a similar nature.

Food for thought, I guess.


  1. indeed, interesting stuff

  2. I hope this isn't based on something that happened to you recently. What did you say to her? LOL

  3. I agree with that, I wish I could tell my coworkers, friends and family exactly how I feel about what they do and say but it would just result in them being offended and I would feel awkward around them.

  4. Another question is: How much can you stay alive if you're using this!


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