Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Techshare: Bidsniping

Bidding on eBay items is an interesting process.

According to some studies, the process can cause interesting phenomena- such things as

[ http://www.gixen.com ] or [ http://www.jbidwatcher.com/ ]

are utilities that permit you to "snipe" an auction (verboten on eBay Germany), which could lead to drastically reduced price on anything you choose to acquire via eBay.

You have to trust the folks with your info, sure- but you can also save large amounts on items that might otherwise be victims of shill bidding, for instance.

What tech would you like to share?


  1. I didn't know that... Thanks for sharing :D

  2. interesting, thanks for sharing

  3. I once had a bead on a 2002 Saab convertible on eBay for a really nice price, but it was sniped from me at the very last second. Needless to say I was pretty infuriated. So in that note, the tech I would like to share is a little thing called a low orbiting ion cannon to be used on people who smashed dreams such as mine...

  4. I looked up "sniping" an auction, and I was surprised they had a name for it. I always figured it was something you would do if you had the time to wait for the end. Now a program to do it for you...


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