Friday, May 20, 2011


This is a much longer wall-of-text than I would assume y'all are accustomed to, so here's a quick summary:

If you have a PSP and liked Patapon and/or Patapon 2, go and purchase Patapon 3.

The game seemed pretty shallow when I first started playing. Boring, almost- you only get a total of four characters, one of whom is an "Uberhero"- they represent your multiplayer avatar and have special abilities that the rest of your traveling troops do not- typically a powerful attack or buff.

The three members that are not Uberheroes are the three basic warriors from the previous Patapon games- Yarida, the spear-wielding damage-dealer, Taterazy, the shield-and-sword tank, and Yumiyacha, the rapid-fire archer.

There's a whole wiki covering the three games, actually- and it goes into a significantly larger amount of detail than I have space for here.

After some preliminary grinding - which I did because I kept having trouble with the first dungeon (even though I have an excellent sense of rhythm) - I managed to defeat the first basic-level boss, Madfang Ragewolf. I then discovered the concept of the class treewhich permits

After trudging through the first dungeon, I discovered that the game does an excellent job of making difficulty scale with the projected progression of the player. The inclusion of regularly-spaced "training grounds" makes the powerleveling of newly-unlocked classes of warriors a much more painless experience.

Personally, I enjoy the one-hit-wonder of the Cannasault class- an axe-wielding charioteer who cuts foes down and macerates their remains with spiked wheels. From what I've read, another powerful class is the Greatsword-wielding Grenburr, but I haven't found him to be quite the damage-dealer that I'm looking for.

I'm not even past the fourth dungeon (of a predicted 7), and I haven't taken a shot at multiplayer yet- the game contains (for a meager twenty dollars) a rather ridiculous amount of content- character classes, magically-enhanced weapons and armor, and a story that manages to be simultaneously unobtrusive and humorous (if you share the same affinity for stereotypical baddies stooge-like minions with the developers, anyway).

More game-related posts to come for the next few days.


  1. Great blog! Keep the posts coming, i enjoy reading them!

  2. I have a psp, but Patapon 3 seemed a little too ... for me...
    I didn't like the ending for Patapon 2, well, I don't like cliffhanging endings in general. So I didn't play Patapon 3.
    will try it now, after reading your post :D


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