Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stuff I like: Serendipity

A new kind of social network. Surveillance has always had a negative connotation- much like panopticon is a chilling thought to those who know what it implies.

What if we could turn that concept inside-out? What if we became jaded enough about the whole "privacy" shtick and became more interested in networking, meeting other people, and interacting?

A lot of what-if, I suppose- but the thought is what counts. ]

The concept throws any semblance of privacy out the window and replaces it with the idea that all information is free to access, and your viewport into the information network is a sleek, disc-shaped almost-phone.

Functionality is somewhere between Blackberry and Facebook. Aesthetic is somewhere between Pocketwatch and XMB. Possibility is somewhere between now and eerily soon.


  1. wow , looks very very cool

  2. It looks like an excellent tool, could have some possibilities in future if marketed properly.

    I love finding out about gadgets like this, even unpractical ones are still awesome =D

    I've made a new page that makes it easier to navigate my other blogs, take a look sometime:

  3. what's that I don't even is it useful?


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