Friday, May 6, 2011

Stuff I like: War Metal: Tyrant

It's been sucking up my time for awhile, actually- this neat game I found on Kongregate.

It starts out relatively easy, and scales in difficulty as you progress through the missions.

I made it (just barely) to mission 28 or so, and have been farming mission 12 for gold and experience (since I can't play "all the time" and usually just run sessions of 100 Energy (I'm doing my best to avoid paying for premium).

I'm currently level 7, but I run rally imperial and rally raider decks, as well as an experimental xeno deck led by a 13-health raider commander.

The concept behind Tyrant are relatively simple: Play one card per turn, reduce your opponents' to zero before they reduce yours to zero. The mechanics behind the game are much more complex- and the implementation of CCG, competitive online play, and rewards for returning on a daily basis, Tyrant are excellently executed.

If y'all play, what decks do you run?

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  1. Kongregate is great for getting through the workday, playing the game now its really good. Cheers mate


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