Monday, June 20, 2011

Stuff I like: Lichess ].

I'm not really that good at chess- this, I'll admit.

I've been working on my game, though (after years of not playing), and this site is like the chatroulette of chess. If you can't find someone else to play with, you can try to play the machine, but it's almost guaranteed that you'll lose (so far as I can tell, anyway).

Easy mode: play against the machine at level 1, and use another tab to play against the machine as the opposite side. Pit the machine against itself, and you'll (at some point) win.

Hard mode: play against the machine at level one without any help. Expect to lose even if you're experienced with standard tactics.

Nightmare mode: play against the machine at level 8, expect to lose really quickly.

The whole concept of chess960 is really cool, but I'm even worse at that then I am at normal chess. The concept of the game being less about knowing openings and responses and more about improvising and thinking ahead is definitely a good thing, though.


  1. I find that a good knowledge of basic openings and endgame strategy works for me.
    I'm no master at chess, obviously.
    Not really a fan of chess960 here too.

  2. Chess is the perfect game for computers, on a high setting nigh impossible to beat.

    Love the game though, I play occasionally.

    I'll try chess960 sometime, great post.

  3. I love chess, and I've been looking for an online resource to sharpen my game. Thanks for the tip, man!

  4. I don't understand how people can possibly beat a computer at chess. Serious genius level IQs there.


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