Thursday, September 8, 2011

Of Interest: Russian Resources!

Dobre Utra. Доброе утро. Good morning~ ] ] ]

Pronunciation is easy for me (I'm good at picking up accents).

Learning to read is a bit difficult, though. The Russian alphabet has something like 33 letters, special rules for spelling, and is a form of Cyrillic script.


  1. Learning to read is the easiest part for me. I find that the funny thing is, I am in the minority on this. I'd think it'd be easier to read than speak for most, but actually it's the opposite.

    Even though most people who say they speak it better than they read it have terrible accents anyhow.

  2. Good morning to you too. I cannot speak Russian to save my life, sadly.

    Russian seems like an awesome language to learn. Hm.


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