Friday, September 16, 2011

On Webhosting and Domain Names

Please be prepared for a ridiculous wall-of-text.

Over the last 8 hours or so I've muddled through setting up a completely free blog (perhaps a website later?).

Check it out over at [ ].

I even have a fresh domain going up as soon as the nameserver changes propogate.

More on all of this after the break. Click the |Comments?| button to proceed.

I've searched far and wide for a decent host. I'm working to get something completely free- the only cost is the time I invest to set it up and muddle through the details of configuration files.

For a list of free webhosts, check out: [ Free Webhost Directory ]. I personally suggest [ X10 Hosting ], which is where I'm currently working on a website that is more than a blog.

For X10 Hosting, all you need is a web browser, a valid e-mail address and an FTP client.

The load times (for mxdev, anyway) are minimal- they've clearly got decent upload speeds and sufficient hardware to support websites. The all-encompassing cPanel also has options to manage everything.

My account (free) has unmetered storage, unmetered bandwidth, and relatively unrestrictive terms of service.
It also comes with 3 e-mail addresses, 2 subdomains, and 2 SQL Databases.

Also included: Softaculous. One-button installs for lots of popular applications you would want to install on a website.


If you also want a domain name that isn't (or another of their provided subdomains), check this out: Free (pseudo)TLDs. You'll look like a .com or .us or .whatever - but you won't pay a cent. // // //

Once you register for one of those services, you'll have to deal with the complex nature of configuring DNS-related things. You should probably learn what CNAME- and A-records are. Check out Wikipedia's DNS Record articles: [ 1 ][ 2 ].

Also relevant: .htaccess files. [ 1 ] @ Wikipedia. Use these to change your homepage from the default "Your account has been created!" page to the folder and page of your choice (like a Wordpress index.php).

A tutorial on setting up your website for free will be forthcoming.
A tutorial on configuring your free domain will be up soon afterwards.

Depending on how things work out, I may migrate CCWK to the X10 server.

And that's that. I've got a 100% free website.

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  1. I must say, I am looking forward to more.


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