Thursday, December 15, 2011

Of Interest: Evil Week; Related: More Laptops! ]

Goodness, gracious. All sorts of slightly disturbing lifehacks- but things that are important.

I'm particularly interested in [ this ] article about bypassing OS X security- because if the guide's online and I could do it- there are many people out there who could do it (and do it better).

Related: After much deliberation (and frustration when dealing with certain software that my machine struggles to keep up with), I'm looking at new workstation-class laptops.

Particularly of interest are the Lenovo W520 and Macbook Pro 15 (or 17). I'm still wary of Apple after they decided to revoke access to about $80 of iTunes purchases, but everyone I've asked about their MBPs is absolutely pleased with their laptop - sometimes fanatically so.

I'm also wondering about relevance to the current age of graphics and gaming and processing- I work with Computer-Assisted Design software like Dassault Système's SolidWorks. When I try to render anything complex on my T400 (an excellent laptop in its own right), the lag and application hangs are barely tolerable.

I can't really justify dropping ~$2,000 on a laptop that I'm only going to use for a few years, though, so I'm trying to look ahead. If I buy one of these high-end machines right after Christmas sales, I'll probably get an excellent discount.

I'm not really sure if you can compare the Quadro 2000M (NVIDIA)  and the Radeon HD 6770M (ATI/AMD), though. Both come with high-end Intel quadcore processors (i7-something). 1920x1080 resolution on a (preferably matte) 15"+ screen is required. I cannot abide small screens.

Iunno. I'm still looking around, I guess.

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  1. Quadcore processors are all the rage now. I'm still stick with my Intel i5.


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