Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012: More opportunity for self-improvement. ] and [ ].

Two sites. Different intents, same purpose. One teaches code, while the other teaches subjects from mathematics to art history. Both are worth investigating, for sure. Codecademy and Khan Academy both offer self-paced lessons and well-taught curriculum.

I have two large, multi-part goals that I plan to accomplish by using these two resources:
- Quit writing sloppy code (or reusing functions unnecessarily - no more "frankencode")
- Become proficient in calculus, physics, and understanding today's economy

This, I resolve to do during this new year that we have.

If you're interested, consider also:
This list of free online classes, which has links (at the bottom of the page) to universities' OpenCourseWare - free classes to help you learn just about anything.


  1. Nice post! I will be taking advantage of those free classes. I could certainly use some brushing up on my Physics and calculus also. Happy New Year!

  2. lol sloppy code. But I hear ya. I need to do the same thing. Just because a code works, doesn't mean it should be used or means it should be put in. It should be neat and complete. Thanks for the links! have them bookmarked for future reference. Thanks for reminding me how much work I have ahead of myself lol.


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