Thursday, January 27, 2011

Low-content: Roosterteeth.

I'm a silly Texan, I suppose- but these folks aren't!

Over at [ ], you'll find lots of recent news, as well as the archives containing the entire Red vs. Blue series, my favorite machinima. It started years ago when some silly guys made videos of Halo with some even sillier voiceovers. With a plotline arching over several seasons and more plot twists than you can shake a grenade at, what think you?

Also, similar media in the form of webisodes- what sorts of things do you watch?


  1. Anonymous27/1/11 11:53

    I love Rooster Teeth, I remember watching Red vs Blue a long time ago.

  2. i've hear of Red vs Blue, i'll check it out

  3. I used to watch RvB all the time lol

  4. Red vs. blue? Will check it out.

  5. haha ill check it out

  6. Halo is cool, just like that website.

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