Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of Interest: Bug-Out Bags.

Blame it on some strange compulsion or obsession of mine: I think it's important to know what you ought to pack if you need to disappear in a hurry. I maintain something like one of these, which contains the following:

Reinforced Work Jeans, 1 Pair.
Flannel-lined Waterproofed Windbreaker, 1 Count.
Water, 1 Liter. (Inside a refillable canteen)
MRE, 3 Count. Gross-tasting but nutritious.
Folding Knife, 1 Count. One smooth edge, one serrated.
Leatherman Multitool (Supertool 300, to be specific), 1 Count.
First Aid Kit (Gauze, ~2 square yards. Tape, 2 rolls. Iodine, 1 bottle. Cotton-balls, 20 count.)
Water Purification Equipment (Chlorine tablets) 30 count.
Storm Blanket secured to the outside of the pack, 1 count.

It's relatively lightweight, and I think it would keep me covered for a few days, at the least.

I'd also try and grab my handgun and some spare ammunition on the way out, but that's optional. (Glock 19, ammo's cheap.)

More helpful than my list: [ ]

Granted, their list is also preparing you for a Y2K-esque event.

What would you pack if you had to get the hell out of dodge on short notice?


  1. i also keep a bug out bag. stocked with:

    firearm(hk usp tactical .45acp), ammunition, magazines,
    canteen of water,
    first aid kit: duct tape, vodka, diacetylmorphine,
    iodine crystals, ammonia,
    extra pair of socks
    firestarting kit
    alternate identification, driver license, birth cert, social security card, passport
    a few 1oz gold coins, screw paper/plastic money
    saran wrap(for making a water purification still),
    compass with signalling mirror,
    few cans of food,
    lockpicks and tension wrench,
    a book (currently illusions by richard bach),
    rangefinder scope,
    fishing line,
    i think thats evrything i have in it right now but it's far from perfect.

  2. It's always good to have a contingency plan.

    I like your blog, I'll be following.

    I'll post my B.O.B once I assemble it.


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