Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potential Topics: Brainstorming.

Thinking of things to write about:

CNC Plasma-cutting of steel, as well as CNC machining in general.

Knife-making, (somewhat) relevant to my work with metals.

The Constitution (I spent a year in high school studying it), and the Bill of Rights.

Standardized testing, and what I think of it.

Woodworking, including such things as staining, creating crown molding, cabinets, and more.

Pepakura, and its applications in creating molds for doing such things as Halo (or other) armor.

The implementation of a Minecraft server using craftbukkit or MineOS.

Ragnarok Online, an MMORPG that's been going on for longer than I can remember.

Music, and my (perhaps esoteric) opinions on it.

Fashion, and my take on how presentation can take below average to center-stage.

Women, and interesting things that I have learned over time and through interesting things like [ ]

Webcomics, news, and other media intended for regular, casual consumption - what it might imply for culture today.

I might update this as more ideas come to me.

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