Saturday, February 5, 2011

Completely Conjecture:

Wow, that's one long post, sir.

Thought-provoking, though.

Here's some food for thought:

(keep in mind that this is all more or less a giant what-if...)

A premise not entirely clear in the text: Humanity (with a capital H) shares a collective (un)conscious(ness).

Also not entirely clear: I'm misusing quotation marks to provide an emphasis indicating that the word means something that may or may not be what it means "normally".

We're dreaming, right now. When we "go to sleep", we're actually waking from our dream-state. Our "reality" is so precise and tangible specifically because it is a construct of the mind- and our "dreams" tend to be less "real", because we cannot create or perceive with such acuity.

That's difficult to understand.

What I mean by all that is: We're awake when we're "asleep". We're dreaming when we're "awake". We perceive more reality while "awake" because we can create more reality than we can while "asleep".

To impose more thought-constructs:

"Lucid Dreaming" is the coming-to-terms with what is otherwise a "difficult reality"- that is, when we realize how "unreal" the situation is, we acknowledge it and maintain a more specific mastery of our control of reality.

When we're "awake", we're experiencing a construct of what we surmise reality to be. That is why it's so realistic, has "rules" that may or may not be based entirely what we think we perceive.

Another twist:

Humanity's not a bunch of individuals- rather, we're one giant supercomputer, a la Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where our "awake" and "asleep" cycles are the individual cycles of the super-computer's fluctuating number of processors/storage-units.

All the facts we "know" are defined. The "abstractions" that we make (honor?) are declared but not defined in an absolute fashion. When we "learn", we're adding to the items that we can import. Our daily lives are cycles of code/build/debug/reboot. Sleep cycles are our reprieve from "computing" whilst participating in the giant distributed-cloud-of-computers that is "our known universe".

Food for thought, and somewhat ridiculous, I'll admit.

Here are a few question, though:

What is reality? What is real? What isn't?


  1. you lost me after the third paragraph. Interesting though! I really like the sleep journal blog though, thanks for sharing!

  2. inb4 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain

    theres a small chapter about that book in my english textbook, and all my class agrees that whoever wrote it must have smoked too much weed while having too much time on his hands :]

    We perceive more reality while "awake" because we can create more reality than we can while "asleep".

    but you just said two sentences ago that we are 'awake' and asleep at the same time... lost me :x

  3. Anonymous5/2/11 05:48

    Reality is however we wish to perceive it. Like most things, reality is mostly subjective. Your reality is slightly different from mine. Although we live in the same world, our individual worlds are completely different

  4. The only thing you can prove that's real is your own consciousness, in one form or another

  5. Nothing is real. But your last bit makes it sound like we are in the Matrix. We very well could be.

  6. I am real. I know I am real because I am aware. If I was not aware, I could not know that I am aware. My reality is that which I am aware of and know of; but this is not to say as such if I am not aware of it that it is not real. So my reality is that which I am aware of and unaware of, which makes everything real... even if it's not?

    This post. This is deep. My head just exploded.

  7. Everything is real, but its not really.


  8. You just watched Matrix brah?

  9. Thank god if this is how the world works. I am so successful with women in the real world thanks to this new outlook.

  10. interesting stuff, i sometimes ponder things like this but usually i don't think about it.

  11. completely conjecture inddeeed


    Crazy stuff man.

  13. Well, if it isn't 'real', it's a waste
    And if it is 'real', then in the long run it probably won't matter anyway.

    Just kidding. Very thought provoking.
    Thank you for sharing, hipster spawn

  14. Wow. I'm surprised I didn't see this before.

    I don't think there actually is a "reality". I mean, can we really choose what we do without some kind of external trigger? If I say raise your hand, you may choose not to do it, but you thought of doing it nonetheless. If I wouldn't have told you to raise your hand, you wouldn't have thought to do it in the first place.

    I think we are strongly influenced by other people. I think reality is just others intentionally or unintentionally influencing our decisions throughout the day and 99% of the time, we just don't realize it.

    It's probably a mix of everything though haha. Good post!


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