Friday, February 4, 2011

Newsworthy: February 4th, 2011

New rules from the EPA can get an exemption, courtesy of Obama. Short story, just something worth noting.

What with this ridiculous cold front (there's snow in Texas), I'm thinking that it would make sense for companies that deliver heating solutions to make money and/or run out of supply. In related news, rolling blackouts are caused when you try to use too many inefficient space heaters rather than something designed to create heat, like a fireplace.


Folks in El Paso are being asked to limit their use of natural gas because of the huge spike in usage.


These WikiLeaks cables are worrisome. On the one hand, they help bring otherwise unshared information into the public eye- but on the other, if they're classified and not meant to be shared, the "declassification" of the aforementioned data means that we've got to wonder about the information security that we're using, and why it's failing.


  1. Really interesting post,
    Those wikileaks cables are really worrisome I agree.

  2. That... is VERY worrisome. <_<

    Can't we all just play nice? Without bombs?

  3. Wikileaks, even though uncovers bad things governments do, also provides information about weaknesses to other governments. Do you think Russia has people checking out wikileaks for U.S. info? You bet your fucking ass they do.

    That worries me, my friend. That worries me a lot.

  4. regarding wikileaks and infosec, i don't think our information security measures are failing, i think it's just people that are sharing info. the weakest part of any security system is often the people who use it.

  5. Great way to keep us informed, thanks for the knowledge.

  6. EPA can suck it, Mother Nature is PMSing, El Paso needs to eat more salsa to keep warm, and haven't we heard enough about WikiLeaks, just release it all already.


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