Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glorified begging is what it is, really.

There are a few types of online shopping (such that one never actually has to leave the house for anything), amongst them eBay and Amazon, both of which provide access to a wide variety of items (and the occasional fantastic deal).

[ ] is one of my Amazon wish lists- JAY KAY LAWL

Apparently, my list was baleeted. Weird. I've put up something similar over at [ ], somewhat improved and with items ranging from cheap to expensive to OBSCENELY EXPENSIVE. Lots of knives, too.
Edit: I've also got a list of books (that I'll update occasionally) that I think I should own and everyone should read. available at ].
I've seen a few other folks with them, but apparently this one makes me seem as if I'm looking for someone else to finance a crime. I'm an upstanding member of society. )

I'm told that one can learn a lot about someone by seeing what they want. 

What does my list say about me? 

Related: What's on your wishlist? What do you think it says about you?


  1. @Christian: Sorry about that. I updated the article to reflect more "truth".

  2. You've got a lot of classics on there. I'm glad you see you're interested in the literary canon.

  3. that you want free stuff

  4. try researching for a little more targeted audience. it will work for you. great read ups here.

  5. Nice list, I could do with half the stuff on there.

    I've never made my own, I prefer real life shopping.

    Interesting blog, followed! Keep it up.

  6. This is a pretty cool concept. Although it does look like you're putting together an espionage/murder kit.

  7. Your list says that your are Jason Bourne.

  8. Can't go wrong with the Art of War...


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