Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An aside, on the different sorts of blogging:

There's Blogger, which I use to post these sorts of things. It's got a relatively user-friendly interface that makes idea-to-post a very short and easily manageable process.

There's WordPress, which is kinda like Blogger but is a little easier to tweak and a little "classier." I use quotes because not all of WordPress is clean-cut and delicious.

There's tumblr, too, which is essentially hipster-blogging. It's an even more minimalistic interface than Blogger's, permits a fair amount of customization (beneath the hood), and implements a social networking aspect.

I will admit to having several of each of those, but I try to keep them relatively compartmentalized and try to minimize the amount of content bleed between blogs.

I guess MySpace and Facebook both have blogging sorts of things built in, but they're primarily social networking sites, so I'm unsure if they're worth mentioning.

Noteworthy amongst bloggers is Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post.

Also noteworthy is The Drudge Report, which is an easy go-to source for news.

There are certainly other Blogger users that I'd cite, but that's for another post.

Which bloggers do you consider noteworthy?

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