Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good news, everyone!

Okay, fantastic news!

I've recently discovered that I may have a (semi-free) hosting plan to move myself onto another server and switch from Blogger to a WordPress-powered system!

I do appreciate the snappiness that the current solution provides and also like the simplicity of it- but I also want to have a bit more leeway with design, which is hard to accomplish within the limitations of a stylesheet and my rather poor knowledge of CSS.

I'm learning a bit about how it works by reading the documentation, but my wizardry is not on par with what I'm currently using and/or the WordPress theme equivalent.

I'm currently testing the possibilities of a WordPress-powered system over at [ ], but the free hosting (provided by the fine folks over at [ ]) is a tad sluggish, even post-optimization.

The WordPress software is available over at [ ], which is also (conveniently) a repository of documentation for the aforementioned software.

In all seriousness, I'm not sure that the address is loading for any of y'all. I'm considering trying out .tk as well, but some of the experiences I've had in the past with their use of interstitials leaves me a bit wary of using the service again.

In unrelated news, I'm thinking about trying to acquire a decent entry-level DSLR (a la the Nikon D90 or a Canon Rebel XS), and starting something up on tumblr or another hosted site on the same service.

More on that to come later.

EDIT: I've also taken the liberty of registering and pointing it to this blog. It'll be my shortform address, since cleancutwellkept is a long name and definitely prone to errors.

I might also rename the blog, but that's iffy.


  1. loaded for me but it was very slow, like 4-5 seconds of white page before it loaded, but thats ok. Thats awesome that you've got some free hosting.

  2. Well good luck with that.

  3. I originally started with WordPress. Hope you have fun with the new plan! Following :)

  4. Sweetness. Let me know how it goes. Once I get a working computer again I'll have to get with you to teach you some CSS lol.


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