Friday, February 25, 2011

Stuff I like: RainyMood.

In essence, it is the best white-noise generator I have ever located: [ ]. It's a thirty-minute loop of rain and a thunderstorm, and it makes everything more enjoyable (including listening to music). It is also an interesting sleep aid, because the thirty-minute cycles could (theoretically) affect circadian rhythms. More about that later.

I find that I achieve the best results when combining RainyMood with some Last.FM or even just music straight from my computer- it takes the edge off of silence and adds a subtly uplifting mood to being awake or a relaxing mood to fall asleep to.

What do you think of RM?


  1. I got to hear rain all day without this. But yeah, it is relaxing.

  2. Well, it sure is relaxing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous25/2/11 16:37

    rofl, maybe you can find a white noise generator of Justin Bieber interviews?

  4. Anonymous7/11/11 05:46

    Its more than relaxing, i love rainy days

  5. This website plus some jazz music on the background, perfect stage for a relaxing afternoon


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