Saturday, February 19, 2011

Low-content: Gemcraft Chapter 0

I've recently been playing [ ], which is (as it turns out) an incredibly difficult game.

I used to run an incredibly lame strategy that consisted of spamming gem-bombs and manapooling, which was essentially the easiest way to win (so long as you can move the mouse fast enough and time the waves correctly).

I've beaten levels 1, 2, 3, and 5 on "basic", and I've had too many close-but-no-cigar moments where I'm on the last wave and I'm deprived of mana.

It seems like traps are only useful in high-level reduce armor and high-level poison varieties, and even then they're only useful when deployed early-on near the main entrance of the enemy spawns.

I'm also unsure of exactly how the upgrade system works, but it seems like it's cheaper to just purchase superior gems rather than combine them, which reduces the effects of their shots.

I'm a badge junkie, sure, but this game is JAPAN difficult. This is also after "reductions in difficulty".

Do y'all have any tips on how to get ahead in this game?


  1. I've never played this game.

    Badge junkie huh? I just like a good game and story. But that's just me, I have a few friends who are diehard badge junkies

  2. hahaha lol @ "japan difficult" gotta try it out

  3. Gonna try this game, got me interested in trying it to see just how hard it is :)

  4. I've played a gemcraft game, and from what I recall, the best way to win is micromanagement.

    What I mean, is you spawn level 1 gems and fill up your tower slots as a basic defense, and while you're doing that you need to be spam upgrading and combining the gems to get level 2 ones. Once you have a level 2 gem slam it down on a tower, and start working on another one so you can combine them for a level 3 gem.

    This tactic requires consistent gem moving, but I finished most of the game with it.

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  5. Anonymous21/2/11 16:13

    Remember the hotkeys to combine the gems as much as you can. I think it is shift or control to combine all your gems at once. If you are really going for the second hard badge, dedicate a good weak to it. Don't bother with gem bombs too often, they tend not to be worth it.
    Combine pure gems with the lowest hue, as combo gems are incredibly bad compared to a high grade pure.
    Also, Gemcraft Labyrinth is out, good luck with it


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