Sunday, February 20, 2011

Low-content: Infographic - Facebook Friendships

I've heard this one's been going around for a bit, but I think it's worth sharing: ]

Heads-up: It's a hefty 3.8MB image.

More on the subject here.

Also, note the blackout in Russia? That's because Russia's got something that looks eerily like facebook, called Vkontakte. As for the blackout in China, I am unsure of the source but might note The Great Firewall could have something to do with it.


  1. pretty cool pic. i assume people still browse from the balckout regions but in china they probably have to use a proxy so it wouldnt look like they're browsing from china. still looks really cool.

  2. I hadn't seen this before, but it's really interesting to see the connections between people!

  3. I have never seen this before. This is a good graph. too bad for russia and china. man hate to be them not in the ring of facebookers. i added this to my background it looks sweet in hd.

  4. If someone in China wanted access Facebook would it be very hard to accomplish?

  5. I wonder if that was made the hard way or with a script haha

  6. thats an awesome pic, i like that the part of mexico where i live its really shinny, haha, we also got a few social networks but facebook keeps growing on us, i hated it at first, now i log daily


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