Sunday, February 13, 2011

Low-content: Newegg & Lenovo

I'm a Lenovo user, myself, but I've had a penchant for Newegg and the whole build-a-computer-yourself scene.

I figure I could get a decent graphics card and one of the ridiculous i7 processors, chaining in some 6GB triple-channel DDR3 for a super-fast computer.

Given my current laptop's meager 2GB dual-channel, Intel Core 2 P8700(2.53GHz * 2 CPUs), and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400, it's not that hard to get much better.

I'm also not a very experienced PC-builder, but my requirements in a computer are very simple:

As little space consumed as possible. The less space it takes up, the better. I really like the booksize machines that Newegg offers, except for the lack of muscle that they accordingly possess.

I've been eying the newer Lenovo IdeaCentre machines (as well as other all-in-one touchscreen sorts of computers), and the interface continues to grow on me.

What sort of computer would be ideal? Would it be better to build my own? I haven't seen any well-done touch interfaces with large amounts of screen real-estate.

Your thoughts, please.


  1. Just look through the bare-bones kits they always have on sale. Find one you like. Make sure you have a OS to install onto it.

  2. I only just discover Newegg recently. Great place if you know what you are looking for

  3. I'd say build one yourself if you can. It's a whole lot cheaper, and you'll be proud of it once it's complete.

  4. I built my own and I really, really recommended it. With the pre-built systems, there is not much if any room for upgrades and everything is proprietary. With custom machines, you can upgrade easier, they are cheaper because you won't have to pay for the brand name (HP/Dell and others), and warranties on individual parts are often better than the 1-2yr warranties that come with pre-builts.

    Also, there are many enthusiast forums around the web that are very helpful with that stuff if you need it. A good one is

    TL;DR: IMO DIY is better :P

  5. if you are building and inexperienced it wil probs consume a lot of space though

  6. Building would be way better, print out a guide from online right now and follow it. Thats how I learned my first time.


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