Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Completely Conjecture: Timelines.

Warning, lots of geometry terminology inside.

Also interesting to look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjsgoXvnStY ]

There's been lots of science fiction written about the subject of time- something which we perceive to be linear and irreversible.

I have several questions, though:

If time is linear, could we wrap this line around another dimension and make it circular? Everything would repeat, ultimately- and the trick would be creating a chord across the timeline and then travelling across it.
If that's not possible, than bringing two points that are not adjacent to one-another close enough together through some sort of compression would work too, right?

If we can't work silly tricks on time, how can we manipulate it, then?

We operate in a three-dimensional cross-section of the four-dimensional timeline which is theoretically a part of the fifth-dimensional plane of our universe which is a cross-section of the sixth-dimensional volume that encompasses the possible universes that our universe could've been....

That's heavy.

The trick, then, would be something that can achieve interaction (or perhaps observation only, if our actions can change the "direction" our line travels in the "plane") on a dimensional scale >4. What I mean by that is something that affects not only time (and our perception of it) but also something that affects probability and what is "possible".

If you want to be a hoss about this, then you need to go one dimension further and utilize something that manipulates (with extreme accuracy and precision) the starting conditions of the universe (or our position on whatever axes you might choose to define that dimension in).

This is complex.

Furthermore, is this possible within the constraints of our peasant-tier 3-dimensional selves?

How would one go about constructing something that acts on more dimensions than it was built in?

Would it be possible to manipulate higher dimensions from our currently observable one?

If we make choices that influence what timeline we participate in (assuming free will is correctly abstracted and not "simple electro-chemical reactions"), how would one go about "crossing" between higher dimensions (or would they be other timelines?) and/or collapsing them into something observable?

There's another idea posed by Michael Crichton's Timeline, which suggests something like an infinite number of universes are intertwined in a rather large and tortuous multiverse which encompasses all of possibility. Actions in one universe affect the outcome of another, which affects the outcome of another, and so forth.

In one case, traveling laterally across the multiversial "plane" permits time travel in the sense that if a parallel universe started 10 years later and followed the exact same developmental path, you could cross to the same "absolute" point in time and be ten years "behind" relative to "your" time.

More scare-quotes, as usual. Food for thought.

What is our universe?

What is "time"? Space-time?

Would you "time-travel", given the opportunity?


  1. *takes a bong rip* we're all just vibrations man, imagining ourselves into existence as part of the same energy pool.....wait what?

    That's the best response I could think of for this. Intriguing stuff though.

  2. All i know it is more than me, for I am just a simple man with simple pleasures.

  3. time travel thoughts suck

  4. Well, thinking in the fifth (might be sixth, I forget) our one timeline is just one line in a plane of possibilities, when you add the next dimension (sixth/seventh), all the different universes' different possible timelines creates 3 planes right? Anyways, food for thought: our one line must cross infinite other lines, possibly even anomalies such as three-dimensional objects which would be one timeline passing through multiple universes. So, we have access to other times/possibilities/universes, we just have to find out what the gates look like. Black holes mayhaps? nobody knows what's on the other side of them and they're born of the destruction of our laws of physics since near infinite density should be incredibly impossible. And when I'm thinking of this, I can't help but wonder, if Black holes were gates/intersections, what the hell are Neutron stars and their collisions?

    And of course, all of this is just me, I may be derping real hard right now for all I know... Also, unless you have some familiarity with what I'm talking about, sorry for making you lost, I don't feel like making my raw thoughts too easily understood...it's best that way.

  5. haha god damn it XD love time travel


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