Friday, February 4, 2011

Stuff I like: Wolfram Alpha and Foodtongue.

Can you imagine a supercomputer available to the average citizen?

It's filled with carefully curated data and has an engine that will dissect your question and attempt to answer your query rather than simply point you at an answer. ] is basically my answer to everything search-engine related. Word on the street is that it might be able to search people, too, but I'm wary of anything like that.

In other, completely unrelated news, I like foodtongue.

It's a completely made-up language that (I think) can transcend other languages. So long as you can express a thought in Wikipedia Simple English, you can translate it into foodtongue and back into another language.

A comprehensive guide can be found at [ FoodTongue ]. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to address how foodtongue works except while speaking in foodtongue. Hmmn.


  1. Wolfram Alpha has saved my ass many a time

  2. pretty interesting, thanks for sharing

  3. Never heard of that site before. It seems faster than google when wanting answers to simple questions.

  4. wolframalpha is a godsend!


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