Thursday, March 10, 2011

Of Interest: Shaolin Kung Fu ] is probably one of the most interesting fighting disciplines I've ever heard of. There are quite a few kata (styles, I think), of which I know a bit of Mantis and Tiger. What little I know of insofar as far as Kung Fu is concerned, when combined with my casual wrestling knowledge, substantial strength and slightly more substantial weight, equates to something like more efficient street-fighting.

Also of interest: [ ]. I'm not sure that's actually a comprehensive list of skills, but some of the concepts are interesting - in the sense that hitting yourself with progressively harder bricks to make yourself resistant to normal impacts is interesting.


  1. One of the most beloved things in my life has been the Chinese martial arts. When I was 12, I started in a Shaolin / Wing Chun school in S. Florida. I stayed with it for about four years and still keep in practice today. This is NOT karate and the internal aspects of the art make it better than meditation.

    Great post, man!

  2. aww this is pretty cool post seriously because I wanna learn some martial arts and this is very inspiring +followed nice content


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