Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Important: Patriotism, War.

Go and read this: [ ]

We're lacking in good people, these days. making hard decisions like that is difficult and oftentimes a trial of heart. We need to strive to improve ourselves all the time, even if it's not the easiest thing to do.

I'm no fan of war (as I've already stated), but if it comes to it, I'm enlisting.

Failing that, I think that military contractors should be honored for their contributions- if we're sending people to fight, I want them to leave the battlefield alive. Every soldier is someone's son or daughter, and potentially a husband, wife, uncle, aunt, father, or mother.

Warmongering is a terrible thing and ought to be punishable, in my opinion.

If we commit to a fight, though, I think we ought to fight to win. Overwhelming force and a swift crushing of opposition is (in my opinion) how we should run things.

Furthermore, protect the women and children if they're not enemy combatants. Don't demonize the enemy. Don't become an ignorant, human-hating individual.

We could stand to learn from folks like Justin Watt, who deserves to be honored for his courage.


  1. That was an interesting read. These things happen in warzones, unfortunately.

  2. FDR made it a Federal law to punish any company he felt was profiteering during WW2. Reagan killed that rule. Now we have money interests to the tune of $700 billion being wasted on our Nintendo style weapons.

    And one thing needs to be known about American military prowess, we are incredibly successful warriors, but are odiously horrible occupiers. And when a conflict crosses that line, it's time for us to get out. As far as I am concerned, that time elapsed long ago...

  3. can't understand the humankind

  4. The problem I see is that people don't inform themselves beyond their own ideology. I personally am a passivest but understand people's desire to fight for a cause they feel is just.


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