Thursday, April 14, 2011

Important: The state of our Union

Read this: [ ]

While Cracked is primarily a satirical website, they make some good points.

The state of the 50 states is terrible, at the moment. We're not doing so well. (REF: [ ])

With 4 TRILLION US dollars owned by foreign countries, I'd say we're pretty much "in the hole". The thing is, the debt isn't the only problem.

The education of the masses - myself included - is largely neglected. Teachers (at public schools) don't make that much for the jobs that they perform. Furthermore, public schools are a state-funded institution, meaning that they typically get shafted when the government is trying to make ends meet.

In my opinion, teachers should be paid at least six figures in salary, and should be taken care of- the best in their fields should be designing the curriculum, and those implementing it in the classroom should be the best at making content understandable for children.

Education's important.

Employment's important.

Combine the two, and you'll end up with significantly better results than if you had neither.

More to come on this later.


  1. agree with you education and employment are what builds a society

  2. But when you try and fix things and are only met with howls of "socialism" and "facism", how are things supposed to get better? One of my biggest frustrations in this life...


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