Friday, April 8, 2011

New install successful!

Just finished backing up my data from the two HD's I've got, onto a spiffy-but-occasionally-stupid 1TB external HD.

Running slimmed /i/7 with the following software to start:

Python 2.7
Java 6r21
Audacity 1.3 Beta
NetTools 5
Oracle VM 4.0.4
MPC Home Cinema
Tor 0.2x
Notepad++ 5.8.7

The interface is really snappy (Given that it's got a minimum of bloat, I guess).

I'm going to be migrating the installers and standalone applications to the new machine and then use virtual machines to assist in compartmentalizing my computing. The host OS is going to maintain things like E-mail and regular browsing, and games that can't be virtualized (I need more RAM and a better GFX card). Everything else will be virtualized, maintaining the snappy load-time and lack-of-bloat in the host OS.

If possible, I'm going to try and keep everything extremely compartmentalized. One machine for the whole blogging support setup, another for developing applications, and a third for any disc jockeying.

More of a notice for myself than anything else, I guess. Thought I'd share it with y'all, though.


  1. Best of luck with your endeavour.

  2. That's a nicely polished ride you've configured, my friend! How long did it take you to set up?


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