Saturday, April 9, 2011

Of Interest: Health supplements!

Do you take any vitamin supplements?

I personally take B12 every morning, but I've been considering the ACE (Aspirin, Caffeine, Ephedrine) to help with weight loss. I'm a bit skeptical of all those "GET HIGH SCHOOL SKINNY" ads, but there's someone even more skeptical than I:

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A little invested in the whole internet-trooper thing, but interesting (and possibly objective) assessments of internet-advertisements of health supplements.

Food for thought.


  1. I totally not joking about this but have you noticed a change of color in your... urine ever since you take b12? I took it for a while and my urine was neon green.

  2. ok I don't eat any supplements .. I eat vegetables and fruit every day .. it's natural and without chemical junk


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