Saturday, April 16, 2011

Newgrounds Audio Portal tidbits.

If I continue to find little bits of enjoyable material (of which there is plenty on a content-generation-engine), this might become something like a series-posting. Regardless, here are some things I stumbled upon whilst trawling Newgrounds' Audio Portal. ]
A relatively mellow Drum-and-Bass that is both easy listening and tastefully constructed. ]
A simple "funk" loop that reminds me of some background music from Ragnarok Online. It'd probably do well when played low in a cafe or similar. It's quite relaxing, I find. ]
"An oldie, but goodie," as Dan Stark might put it. From years ago, this is a song that I could easily fall asleep to and wake feeling amazingly well-rested. This requires analysis, I think, but I have neither the know-how or the tools to perform such a thing. A relatively low-key trance remix by an artiste. ]
A bit different from the others, this one's a simple four-on-the-floor dance tune.

Saving some of the best for last, check out Reasoner. I've been a longtime fan of his and I've never been disappointed by any of his releases. [ 1 2 3 ]


  1. love that drum and bass just awesome

  2. great stuff, thanks for sharing :)

  3. they have an absolutely phenomenal rhythm section!


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