Friday, April 22, 2011

Newsworthy: 21st of April, 2011

I've scrounged these links up from this reddit post and the drudge report, among other things.

First up, [ this ] article in the WSJ talks about the Big Brother lurking within Apple and Google products. Essentially, they're creating a database that will log where you are, where you've been, and what's around you- in theory, leading to a much more detailed map of the locations served by smartphones. This database isn't inherently malicious, I'd think- but a friend of mine has demonstrated that the cached locations on phones and other mobile products can be used to create some unnervingly accurate maps of places the device has been.

While we're on the topic of phones, it seems like AT&T has finally [ admitted ] that they might have over-committed when they signed up for the whole super-awesome-data-mongling-mini-computer.

Technologywise, we've apparently had a large number of planned catastrophes that get rescheduled as we continue missing the date of the supposed artificial intelligence epoch. On that note, [ this ] article details how sci-fi and reality might not be so far apart.

Also from singularityhub, a [ bit ] of CNC action.

On a slightly more political note, there was a [ protest ] at a really, really expensive POTUS/DNC fundraiser breakfast. I'd also like to know where my "change" is.

That's all for now, I suppose.


  1. I read about this once, it's a pretty creepy idea, now admittedly someone would have to get your phone, jailbreak it if it isn't already and then look at the file, it just makes losing your phone an even scarier experience.

  2. Again, I'm glad to not have gone after the smartphone craze. 500 bucks for a phone, screw that, and now I'm laughing at me friends who did.

  3. I have been going out of my way to never even own a cell phone. I like the fact that I can't be contacted 24/7.


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