Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is kinda like a monologue, I guess.

Hey, readers.

Something less factual and more person-to-person today.

At request of a friend, I'll explain why I don't comment on my own posts in response (or respond to comments in general).

I read everything that gets posted on the pages here (comment moderation, anyone?) before it gets posted to ensure that the conversation's more or less reasonable and clean. I don't "censor" anything unless it doesn't add to the discussion or it's seriously offensive.

I believe in freedom of information (in a sense, more on that later), and don't think that it'd be right to "ignore" things that I don't like to see on my pages.

Also, illegal stuff. That won't get into comments.

Spam, too. I check up on who's posting what- apparently some spam engines link names with URLs and clever things like that.

In summation: If you comment, I read it. Most likely, I post it, too. If I don't respond, it's nothing personal.

If you'd like me to post about something, you can leave that in the comments, too.


  1. Yes, freedom of information is always undervalued. Very, very good thinking, my friend :D

  2. you're doing it right I agree with this .. it's better than unmoderated junk

  3. maybe i should switch my blog to moderated as well got tons of unrelated comments ;)

  4. I just started comment moderation myself, lol unfortunately people just stopped commenting, but whatevs

  5. Yeah, don't sweat it man, I am horrible about responding to my comments too...


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