Sunday, April 10, 2011

Techshare: ShadyURL (and other URL shorteners)

URL shorteners are interesting technology.

Given the advent of new internet users, more websites, and the complexity of some URLs, it's sometimes easier to hyperlink a short (if somewhat nonsensical) URL that is indexed by a service with a longer URL.

If you use Twitter, which limits how many characters you can use, something like [ ] is useful- instead of putting up the whole URL, you can use a service that has the same effect (so long as your audience can catch or is fine with retyping the URL).

At any rate, if you're feeling like creepin' it up, check out [ ].

A URL "shortener" that turns the simple into the suspicious.


  1. I have tried it out! Had a great deal of fun with it. It placed 'bomb' and 'nakedgrandma' all over the place. Awesome

  2. yeah using them all nice share

  3. Shady urls, huh?
    Nothing better than to alienate your audience before they even click your link.

  4. pretty useful, id say

  5. I love the example they use on the front page haha


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