Monday, May 23, 2011

Break in sequence: Settlers of Catan

Not a video game, actually. There is an online version, but it's cooler in-person.

Gameplay is (with the starter kit) easily understood and relatively straightforward- roll dice, collect resources, build things. Some trading may be involved.

Strategy can get incredibly complex, too- because the playing field changes with every game and the players are (usually) human, there's no specific move order that will always lead to victory- only certain archetypes and paradigms that guide play.

The games starts by determining play order- highest roll goes first, and then it follows clockwise.

The first two turns are special, and the order is something like what follows:

Player 1, Settlement 1a + road 1a
Player 2, Settlement 2a + road 2a
Player 3, Settlement 3a + road 2a
(Player 4, Settlement 4a + road 4a
Player 4, Settlement 4b + road 4b)
Player 3, Settlement 3b + road 3b
Player 2, Settlement 2b + road 2b
Player 1, Settlement 1b + road 1b

Player 4's moves are in parentheses because the game can be played with a group of three.

The idea with that order is to compensate the availability of advantageous placement on the board, which has a really large impact on how the game will progress, as rolls influence what tiles generate resources. The rules are straightforward enough: roll for resources, trade (or don't) with the other players, and amass enough property to score 10 victory points.

It's been one of the best board-game purchases that I've ever made.

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  1. Never played such game... but I found it funny because there was a city near where I grew up called Catan x)


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