Sunday, May 22, 2011

indie art meets time-mechanic puzzler

Check out Braid.

An indie game that is worth every penny, it strikes me as somewhere between Mario and Prince of Persia- not quite combat oriented, actually- but time-manipulation and platforming play a huge role in-game.

The art style makes the entire game feel like something of an interactive painting- the story is a bit disjointed, in my opinion- but the culmination of in-game walls-of-text and the final level's "deeper meaning" are something of a mind-blowing conjunction.

It's super-artsy and (if youtube comment threads are anything to go by) radically interpretable. There is no one specific meaning, really.

It probably takes a certain appreciation of the combination of story, art, and puzzles to find the game as likable as some critics- but the forgiving nature of the game (in case of error, rewind!) and the polished design should present a solid base upon which to build an enthralling experience.


  1. Braid is my favorite Xbox Live Arcade game.

  2. Thanks for the review, I checked out some screenshots from the game and it looks.. a little weird but I must admit I'm quite intrigued, might just have to check it out.


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