Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things I like: Pitchfork.

Admitting to a tiny bit of hipsterdom: ] is basically where you go to get spoon-fed all of the music you should listen to.

If you like being ironic, anyway.

On an unrelated note, [ here ] is a picture of a tool designed specifically for demolition. For the sum of 60ish dollars, I'm thinking it would be a worthwhile purchase.


  1. 1) I'm checking out the site. Seems a bit cluttered and information isn't very "im right here" kinda feeling. But I'll give it a good looking through.

    2) I have one of those, and it is awesome.

  2. That looks like it could cause a lot of damage for $60.

  3. That hammer reminds me of the one from Red Faction Guerrilla

  4. It's a pretty cool site, thanks.


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