Sunday, June 5, 2011

A personal note (and some content):

I do my best to keep posts coming on a daily basis (posted at 12:00 AM United States Central Time) and I am currently unaware of whether or not I will be able to maintain such a schedule for the coming months.

I will be overseas (in Germany, for the most part), and have no guarantee of consistent wireless access.

In that vein, I will attempt to create a cache of posts and have them continue posting themselves until I can guarantee that I'll be able to add content from overseas.

Some things you might want to read up on - the next post will assume you've seen these:

(an extra-long list!)

[ Lung @ Wikipedia ]
[ Lung Cancer @ Wikipedia ] - Warning: Graphic. Discretion advised.
[ Asbestos @ Wikipedia ]
Asbestos @ ]
[ The most terrifying 45-letter word ever ]
[ Silicosis @ Wikipedia ]


  1. Lung cancer one was pretty hard to watch

  2. I hope the trip overseas is more for pleasure rather than business :) Take care!

  3. Y no posts yet :< (what happened to the automated thingy?)

    I hope you're having fun in Germany :D


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