Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Lungs:

I'd say that your lungs are pretty important, but the reason they're called vital organs is because they're all important (and life-related). If you didn't read the links in the previous post, you should.

This post is about lungs, issues that can arise within your lungs, and frivolous lawsuits.

Generally speaking, you should take care of your lungs. If you're not clear on what I mean, I'm telling you to breathe the cleanest air you can, avoid pollutants, and stay as far away from airborne asbestos as possible.

More after the break (for the more interested readers).

There's a huge tumult over the current status of cigarettes in the publicly available market- in the US, anyway. In Germany, you need to be at least 18 to purchase them- this is the same country where public alcohol consumption is permitted at 16.

Cigarettes are widely known to cause fatal lung cancer. That is seriously gross business.

While we're on the topic of lung cancer, I should point out- most stoners often argue that marijuana is better for your lungs than cigarettes- but regardless of whatever "benefits" the THC provides over plain tobacco, it's still particulate material in your lungs.

I have no reason to tell you how to live your life- but you can definitely do yourself a favor; keep your lungs clean and you'll keep your lifespan longer.

Asbestos is the name of a group of minerals, but typically refers to something that's called chrysotile. The neat thing about the asbestos family of minerals is that they can actually be spun and woven into fabric. Its use as a flame-retardant material exploited its inflammability and worked excellently insofar as its intended purpose was concerned.

Then we found its off-label use: instantiating mesothelioma in unprecedented frequency. What's worse is that the symptoms of exposure usually don't show up until 35 (±15) long after they've inhaled the crystalline dust.

Given exactly how painful mesothelioma can be, as well as the "negligence of the employer" who allowed or encouraged use of asbestos, there have been ridiculously hardcore class-action (and personal) lawsuits- where companies have paid $20,000,000 to compensate folks who are aiming for a mesothelioma settlement.


  1. Great article! I am actually quiting cigarettes today and I found your post very inspiring.

  2. Exactly why people who work at construction sites need to weak masks all day long.

  3. Having 2 smoking parents, I decided from a very young age I would not touch a cigarette in my life (or smoke anything at all) and I'm keeping that. I'm so glad I never started.


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