Friday, October 14, 2011

Magic: The Gathering

This is probably going to be a really expensive habit if I get seriously involved.

I'm also a casual player, which means the prohibitive rules about which cards you can use don't apply (as much).

I am a huge fan of Slivers- a creature type that (usually) has a unique ability which it shares with all other Slivers in play. This means that if you have three Slivers that increase power and toughness by 1, they all experience a buff of +3/+3 - turning little cards into bulky swingers.

The real nasty bits come in once you get the more esoteric variants into play- including poisonous, rapidly-regenerating, and mana-creating abilities.

I'm personally considering purchasing one of these, since it's premade and the entire collection is foils- but it doesn't have quite the number of slivers I'm looking for, and omits some of the particular slivers that I want to use in a deck.

Enter this ridiculous spreadsheet: [ link ]. It's going to be out-of-date in less than a week (link and pricewise), but it is a rough estimate of the different costs associated with purchasing cards separately. In most cases, I'm ordering them 4 at a time, and probably only using 2 of each in a deck. I might construct two copies of the same deck, and resell one to recoup costs (if possible, anyway).

What decks would y'all run?

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  1. Never been that big into card games. Aside from pitch or rummy.


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