Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something I missed: [ ]

A partnership between Stanford Education and knowlabs, the class offered over at [ ] is pretty neat. I wish I had signed up for it sooner, even if my current workload isn't always getting done. I'll have to settle for watching videos on occasion, I guess.

A news article (FD: written by Stanford) detailing what's going on can be found [ here ].

Neat stuff, AI.

Overall, I find the idea of a class where the material is taught in compact format outside of the classroom (in a potentially passive medium, perhaps) to be a pretty neat one- classes could be shorter, wouldn't require an hour-or-longer attention span to take in all the material, and the educator could utilize their time more efficiently- rather than spending time lecturing more than once, they can record the lecture, and spend valuable class time helping the students with more advanced or difficult-to-understand concepts.

Food for thought, I guess.

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