Monday, November 21, 2011

Promote your site: Raffles.

Raffles, giveaways, contests.

In essence, the idea is to invest a little money and accrue a huge amount of traffic- burst or long-term, depending on what you intend to offer. If you're looking for exposure, you can use a contest to crowdsource a massive amount of back-linking and site-sharing. If you're looking to generate leads for sales, a similar effect can arise from slightly modified tactics. ] is a guide you might look at.

In short, you need a few things:

A site for the traffic you'll be creating
A "prize" (prizes, plural, work better) for individuals to compete for
A task that involves a tiny amount of work, but includes the necessity for them to create a link (or more) to your site (whether it be the contest page or the site itself) and encourages them to share the contest with their friends, family, or others who might also enter.

If you make the contest's victory condition(s) merit-based, you need a clear rubric and an objective, third-party evaluator. Easier: make it a raffle. Use something like [ ] to pick a winner.

The idea behind this is that (assuming you've already made your website search-engine-friendly) you'll have a large number of people creating an equally large number of links to your site (boosting your search engine ranking), and that same group of people is likely to continue checking back (especially if you have mechanics that reward return traffic and more than one legitimate entry).

An excellent example is SnapSort's community feedback competition. I entered, but didn't win the D3100 or a swagtastic camera-lens-mug. [ contest | winners ]

Important to know: don't skimp on the prize. The more people want it, the more effort they'll put in and the larger a competition you'll create. You get what you pay for (and sometimes much more).

I like free stuff and enter similar competitions on occasion, too- when the prize is right and the competition is easy to enter, it's a no-brainer.

Are you in it to win it?

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