Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hosting! Servers! Decisions!

I seem to keep posting things like this.

I'm still looking to get a dedicated server for goofing around with, but prices are expensive for something comparable to Hetzner's EX4. 16 Gigabytes of DDR3, a better processor than what's in my computer or desktop, and a whopping 6 Terabytes of storage. 100Mbps output, and "unlimited traffic" - 10 terabytes followed by a throttled 10Mbps connection. Pretty sweet.

I've been asking around, and I was shocked at prices for domestic machines. The baseline seems to be at least 4 times what Hetzner offers, which is absolutely unacceptable if I am using it as a game server in addition to a web server.

Codero, Hivelocity, and a few others - all of which I think are recognized names - wouldn't touch that price with a thousand-dollar stick. I enjoy the free service provided by Heliohost and x10hosting, though - both providers have excellent service for an ad-free environment, and are consequently excellent for my budget.

I plan on continuing to develop in PHP, whenever I've got the spare time.

This is definitely going somewhere... Where it goes is something else entirely.

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