Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stuff I like: Frozen Synapse

Words can just barely describe how much I enjoy this game.

Multiplayer strategy game. Five-second increments. Random (Procedural?) map generation. Easily accessible. Simple, utilitarian user interface. This is Frozen Synapse.

Man, do I suck at this game. It's all sorts of neat and interesting, though- rockets, shotguns, machine-gunners. Snipers, too, though I haven't seen many of those available to me. The entire game is very much a predict-what-your-enemy-will-do affair, but they're practicing the same voodoo brainmagic that you are. With several different game modes and a new map every single time you pick the game up and play, it's a pretty slick apparatus for unfreezing your synapses.

I grabbed it while it was on a Steam sale the other day for a measly $3.74. Worth every unspent penny, for sure.

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